High-end Residential Build – Bay of Plenty


Value:                $760,000
Duration:         11 months (construction)
Completion:    February 2016


The brief

Rather than repair this leaky home, the owners chose to demolish and rebuild to a similar floor plan, on the same concrete floor footprint. The home owners engaged IPMS in order to advance the Financial Assistance Package (FAP) application, collate the tender and contract documentation, assess tenders, make recommendations and let the contract.

Our work

IPMS completed the FAP application on behalf of the client, submitting and obtaining approval. The team managed the tender and contractual phases, let the contract and set up and Project Control Group (PCG) with clear lines of communication. During the project, there were a wide range of specification changes made. This involved more than 50 client requested changes to the contract throughout the project, and IPMS managed this process to ensure there was minimal impact on the construction program. IPMS also facilitated the updating of plans and specifications, submitting these to Council with warranties and producer statements where applicable. The systems put in place by IPMS enabled accurate monitoring of all details, costs, and contract instructions to site.

The outcome

Seven months later, a high-end, high quality new dwelling was presented to the client. All FAP milestones were met with claims and payments achieved. Even with changes requested and made throughout the construction phase, IPMS ensured complete client satisfaction and the project came in under budget. IPMS’ selection of the best-fit construction company was a major factor in the deliverable.