New Developments

For clients in the early stages of a project, IPMS can help with sourcing land and feasibility studies.

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, IPMS can add value from the moment planning starts. Initial feasibility studies ensure clients get the best land for their project and avoid any discoveries or delays during construction.

IPMS is built on its independence, meaning it engages the best specialists for each stage of a project – from surveyors to design engineers and civil contractors. IPMS coordinates all the contractors and their timeframes, managing the overall project timeline.

IPMS then continues to manage the project through design and construction, resulting in a seamless progression through the phases and a project that is delivered on time and budget, with no nasty surprises.

IPMS takes a strategic approach towards each phase of the project, ensuring the best value and result for its clients.

Previous land development projects managed by IPMS include residential subdivisions, aged care and health developments and visitor and sports centres.

If you are in the early stages of a project, get in touch with Wayne and the IPMS team early and let them save you time, money and stress.