Seismic / Earthquake Strengthening

Discovering that you need to undertake earthquake and seismic strengthening work can be daunting for both the building owner and tenant. The IPMS team understands these stresses and has the skills and experience to manage the entire process on a client’s behalf.

At IPMS we take a strategic approach towards each phase of the project.  IPMS builds a team of experts to complete the work and then manages all documentation and compliance requirements along the way. We works alongside expert structural engineers, and engages any other technical experts that are needed.

IPMS Senior Project Manager Darren Carter has the industry knowledge to engage the best specialists on behalf of a client. He has managed projects across New Zealand and sets high standards for himself and every team he works with.

If your building or dwelling requires earthquake and seismic strengthening, our experienced team can support you through the entire process ensuring a seamless and cost-effective solution for seismic upgrade projects.