Weather-tight Remediation

The IPMS team understands the heartbreak and financial stress that comes with weather-tight remedial work, with many major projects lasting between 2-3 years. IPMS is with its clients from the moment they first discover an issue to the day the remediation work is completed, always making time to sit down with clients throughout the process.

IPMS has the industry experience to know the array of issues and challenges that can arise throughout remedial work. Our senior project managers act as our clients’ independent representatives, guiding them through the process and managing all technical and compliance issues along the way.

IPMS Senior Project Manager Martyn Cleary is one of New Zealand’s most sought-after specialists in weather-tight remedial works, having worked on some of the country’s biggest claims.

He has managed remedial projects of all sizes, from commercial projects worth more than $20million through to $200k residential projects. Martyn is often sought as an expert witness for mediation and litigation around weather-tightness issues.

Discovered a weather-tight issue with your building? Contact Martyn and the IPMS team now.