CuttersCove Resort

LocationMount Maunganui
Duration26 months (construction)
CompletionMarch 2009

The brief

Cutters Cove Apartments needed to undertake a full construction remediation process, after weather-tight issues were discovered in the complex. IPMS was brought on board to manage the process, identify any defects and provide adequate and cost-effective solutions. IPMS was also tasked with collecting and recording comprehensive evidence that would be used in the claims and litigation process once the project was completed.

Our work

For two-and-a-half years, IPMS worked with the client to identify all defects with the complex, collating all relevant evidence throughout, and facilitating specialist consultants for the design resolution work. The work included taking samples of the affected timber to be professionally tested and photographing all defects, cataloging them with comprehensive descriptions for the legal team to use through the litigation process.

IPMS also played a key role in the Project Control Group, reporting back on any site developments.

As the project progressed, other wide-ranging defects were also discovered throughout the building. IPMS stayed with the client from start to finish, managing and delivering on the ever-changing project scope.

The outcome

Despite an ever-changing project scope, IPMS delivered a fully-compliant facility to a very high standard. IPMS maintained strong communication, working with a good management team and key representatives in order to meet all deliverable objectives.

Following the completion of the project, IPMS worked alongside legal representatives, Grimshaw and Co, and achieved a successful litigation process, despite the complexity of the claim. Grimshaw and Co said the evidence IPMS provided for the claim was the best they had received for a project to date.