Quantity Surveying

Regardless of the size of your project, our quantity surveyor will help you effectively manage your project budget through every stage, delivering accurate and robust information and advice to help you make key decisions. 

Project Feasibility

By completing an analysis of the total estimated project costs, we will give you clear visibility of the opportunities in your project for vastly improved outcomes. Our focus is to deliver you all the information you need to establish if a proposed project can achieve the profit required to make it feasible.

Estimating & Cost Planning

Cost planning optimises our delivery of your project by reviewing alternative designs and/or materials during design development. We will establish a budget to help you get value for money, while remaining compliant with the original design brief. As the design develops, we can produce more robust and flexible cost estimates that addresses scope, opportunities, risk, abnormalities and site specifics.

Tender Evaluation & Analysis

We work closely with our clients to ensure all objectives are met and uncompromised. IPMS can provide advice about contractor procurement and contractual arrangements that are best suited for the delivery of your project. Our thorough analysis of the submitted tenders will help you get the right people for your project and we will negotiate on your behalf to determine the most cost-efficient, fully compliant submission.

Value Engineering

The involvement of our quantity surveyor in your project can see the arrangement of value management workshops to achieve the cost-saving measures necessary. IPMS will review design documentation alongside design consultants to explore alternatives, such as construction systems and standards of finishes.

Independent Client Representation

We provide independent, client-specific audit reports of projects as they progress through all phases.

Risk Analysis & Management

We will review the project from design development to construction, to identify risks and implement strategies as to how to manage risks in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Contract Administration

As the project moves into the construction phase, the importance of our role as your representative increases, and our robust and timely approach will streamline workflow.

As your quantity surveyor, we can provide an independent assessment of variations, alongside the engineer to the contract, and will negotiate accordingly. We will also ensure fair and reasonable monthly progress claims assessment and certification in accordance with the contract.

In order to maximise client confidence in the project and budget, our financial cost reports provide full visibility on any commercial status and risk issues, to allow for informed, timely decision making.

Dispute Resolution

We offer independent and fair advice to help you reach an agreement and settle construction disputes, including valuation of variation claims and advice on contractual requirements as required.

Loss Assessment – Insurance Claim

As a construction cost manager, our quantity surveyor understands our client-specific requests and project specific conditions, including providing informed advice to clients about their options to progress with the necessary works.

Financial Institution Services (Bank’s / Funder’s)

As project finance specialists, we can provide a thorough, independent review of all aspects of a project. Our client-specific drawdown reports generally focus on progress, cost-to-complete, an independent review of claim certification, and managing risk as the project moves through construction.