McFall Museum

LocationMount Maunganui
Duration8 weeks
CompletionAugust 2013

The brief

The McFall Museum required a secure site with an easy access building, with an engineering workshop to one end and an amenities facility. IPMS was engaged to manage and monitor the design and construction phases to project completion.

Our work

IPMS carried out a site level survey to establish a drainage plan and parking area layout to meet code requirements. Consideration was given to the open storm water drain along one boundary. Individual costings were tendered and IPMS managed the tenders for shed construction companies, drainage services, in-ground power services, a security fence and auto-gate. During the construction process, IPMS also ensured the installation of the new power supply and extension from under the existing paving, did not affect surrounding business operations. As the client was away from the site through the main construction phase, IPMS kept up regular reporting to ensure the client remained well informed at all times.

The outcome

The extensive pre-planning of this project enabled a smooth transition through all the construction phases. All objectives were met in the four-month period.

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