Remediation, Alteration & Seismic Strengthening – Tauranga City

Value:                $1,400,000
Duration:         26 months (over 2 stages)
Completion:    September 2016


The brief

IPMS was brought on board to represent an Auckland-based developer in all matters from tender, through to the construction and close-out phases. IPMS liaised and coordinated with the tenants and surrounding businesses to ensure business operations continued unimpeded during construction. The project included the demolition of the existing building, significant in-ground works and a complex base design to combat the unstable elements and a restrictive site. IPMS was engaged to take the project through the planning, construction and earthquake strengthening stages over 12 months, until final sign-off and the issuing of a Code of Compliance Certificate.

Our work

The project was set in two stages: pre-planning/new building and earthquake strengthening the existing. IPMS managed the archaeologist process of research and application to Heritage NZ in the pre-planning stage, avoiding an eight-week delay if the application was made during construction. Vibration monitoring equipment was brought in to protect neighbouring buildings which were structurally fragile. Daily site visits were conducted to ensure all elements of the construction matched the complex design and its specifications. The daily visits also enabled an immediate flow of information from consultants to IPMS and the client. Weekly Project Control Group (PCG) meetings were held to ensure key personnel where well informed.
Stage two of the project evolved into a full strip-out and refit to two levels of the remaining building, which was a significant scope change requested by the client. This required extensive management and coordination of the design team, structural and fire consultants, consent amendments, issue and monitoring of contract instructions, cost requests of variations to the construction contract, and client sign-off. IPMS also recorded and monitored all costs, keeping the client informed through progressive reporting.

The outcome

The end result was a high-quality, multi-use building, housing offices and restaurants. Despite a robust close-out phase dealing with all Quality Assurance checks and extension of time claims, all key objectives were met. The forward planning of the archaeologist proved invaluable as it avoided costly delays of up to 8-12 weeks. Having the strong skills of IPMS’ specialist consultants aided the delivery of this project.